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Special Collection

Agricultural and natural resources adaptations to climate change

Collection launched: 27 Nov 2020
This special collection explores issues and challenges regarding management of the common pool resources in Asia, highlighting coupled human and natural systems, and provides insights regarding the robustness, resilience and collective actions. It focuses on the nexus of resource use, economic growth, and environmental conservation. In most of the rapidly developing countries of the Asian region, the sustainability outcomes have been impacted by the increasing levels of resource use which is causing the depletion of ecosystems at an alarming rate. The Green Revolution helped the Asian agricultural dependent economies to increase agricultural production, alleviate poverty and avert the fears of famine and starvation. However, it brought about second-generation problems including loss of soil fertility mainly due to monoculture, high input use leading to environmental pollution, degrading soil and water bodies, pest resistance, biodiversity loss and increased pressure on natural resource base. The natural resource-dependent indigenous communities are striving to achieve sustainable livelihoods through satisfying sectoral policy concerns and priorities. There is a stronger need to fulfill personal, societal and institutional goals by making strategic interventions in an attempt to solve the emerging issues of common pool resource (CPR) management.